Induction & Refresher Documents

Induction & Refresher Documents

General Information
 Induction & Refresher Quick Step-by-Step Guide  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher FAQs and Glossary  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Scheme 2015-18  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Application/Registration Form  View / Download
Reference Guidance  View / Download
Clinical reference form  View / Download
Non-clinical reference form  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Scheme Pathways  View / Download
 Transfer Form  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher e-Learning for Health Mandatory GP Induction Modules Guidance  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher MCQ Assessment Test and Scoring Guidance  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Simulated Surgery Guidance Notes  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Preparation Resources for Entry Assessments  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Assessment: 2018 Glossary Terms  View / Download
 I&R Full end of placement Report Scheme (of up to 3 or 6 months)  View / Download
 I&R short end of placement Report, for accelerated scheme (for Band 5 MCQ outcomes and Portfolio Route only maximum 1 month placement)  View / Download
 Advice to GP Educational Supervisors  View / Download
 International GP Recruitment Programme Preparatory Report  View / Download
Structured CS Report for Midlands IGP Scheme View / Download
Appraisal Preparation View/Download
Claim Forms
 Induction & Refresher Claim Form A (CF:A)  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Claim Form B (CF:B)  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Claim Form C (CF:C)  View / Download
Post Scheme
 Induction & Refresher Scheme and Appraisal  View / Download
 Complaints Policy and Procedures 2016  View / Download