TERS In Scotland

Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme in Scotland

Round 1 - August 2019 Intake

Make a difference.

GP training in Scotland offers unrivalled opportunities, and training in all parts of Scotland rates highly in the annual GMC survey.

We value all our trainees and continue to invest in them so that the population of Scotland has access to the best clinical care, from highly trained and motivated doctors, working in the communities in which they trained.

The Scottish Government continues to give priority to the development of primary care as the first and vital contact with patients.

The Primary Care Fund has been in place since June 2015 and continues to provide investment in primary care services across Scotland and across professions. As part of this policy to support primary care, 100 new GP training places were created for February 2017 start with some posts receiving a financial boost to help trainees work outside the main cities and central belt.

Please note: The process and rules of applying to the Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme in Scotland may differ to other parts of the UK. For more information on applying to the TER Scheme in England and Wales please refer to the GPNRO website.

Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme (TERS) for Selected Programmes

The Government is offering a payment of £20,000 in Round 1 and Round 1 Re-Advert for GPSTs choosing to train in specific programmes in Scotland:

Further information about these incentives can be found on the ScotMT website.