Resources for IMGs new to the NHS

Resources for International Medical Graduates new to the NHS

The assessment methodology for GP recruitment in the UK is grounded in the context of contemporary UK General Practice. Any applicants who have limited or no experience of the UK NHS system may feel better prepared for the selection process if they learn more about the healthcare systems in the UK. With this in mind the GPNRO would recommend the links below as sources of reliable and appropriate information.

GMC: Welcome to the UK

This is a free GMC workshop that is designed to help doctors new to the UK by offering practical guidance about ethical scenarios and the chance to connect with other doctors coming from abroad.


BMA: Life and work in the UK

A new start in a new country is a challenge and this extensive BMA resource is where to find guidance and support.


RCGP Overseas Doctors Guide | Living and working in the UK as a GP: a guide for overseas doctors and their families

This highly recommended and comprehensive guide provides useful details covering all the issues overseas doctors face when considering a career in General Practice in the UK and has useful links to other resources throughout.


The King’s Fund: How does the NHS in England work?

Whilst this resource only refers specifically to England, the NHS in other parts of the UK are similar in many ways. If you have never worked in the NHS before, or feel you don’t understand how it works, this is a great starting point.


NHS Employers: Working and training in the NHS – a guide for International Medical Graduates

A comprehsive document with an extensive amount of additional information likely to help any doctor considering working or training in the UK


NHS England: General Practice

From here you can explore the ways in which NHS England is directing GP practice to develop in England and represent how Primary Care is intended to be delivered in the coming years.


NHS Scotland

This resource covers the full range of issues for International Medical graduates thinking about working in Scotland.


Health and Social Care Northern Ireland

This website details the NHS arrangements in Northern Ireland


Health in Wales (NHS Wales)

This website details the NHS arrangements in Wales