I&R (Eng) - Support for parents and carers

Support for parents and carers

Available funding

Funding is available for GPs on the Induction and Refresher (I&R) Scheme with:

  • children aged under 11 will be able to claim a total of £2000 towards the cost of childcare for each child whilst on the scheme,
  • other caring responsibilities may also claim a total of £2000 to meet the costs of providing care to a dependent in their absence whilst on the scheme.

Given that placement lengths on the Scheme vary, a maximum of £333 per month may claimed for each child under 11 or other dependent.

This figure will be reduced on a pro-rata basis for those undertaking the scheme on a part time basis.

The funding is in addition to the £3500 per month bursary and other funding that GPs on the scheme can claim.

The funding will be available from 1 April 2020 until 31 March 2022.


The funding can only be claimed for the duration of a supervised placement on the scheme. It cannot be claimed for attending Scheme assessments or undertaking other activities associated with the Scheme.

Only GPs undertaking a supervised placement and receiving a bursary on the Scheme can claim the funding. Those on the Scheme via employed routes such as the International GP Recruitment Programme are ineligible due to being eligible for Government support.

There is no maximum limit on the number of children under 11 or other dependents that can be claimed for under the scheme.

Claiming the funding

GPs wishing to claim the funding each month should attach copies of relevant invoices to their GPNRO claims form each month specifying the exact amount being claimed for childcare or social care on their claims form.

For those claiming for childcare, a copy of each child’s birth certificate should also be attached as evidence that the child is under the age of 11.

Tax liabilities

It is the responsibility of each GP claiming the funding to confirm the impact of the payments on their own tax liabilities with HM Revenue & Customs.