I&R - Your placement

Your placement

 As part of the scheme you will be given a placement within a GP surgery. Your placement will be at a General Medical Council (GMC) approved training practice. You will have a named GP educational supervisor (usually a trainer) for an agreed period who can be flexible around your educational needs, location and personal commitments. The supervised practice may vary from a month, up to a maximum of six months (full time). Part time placements will be pro-rata and you will normally be permitted to work in another (non-GP) role during the scheme. While on this placement you will have work based assessments including teamwork, clinical and communication skills based around observed consultations, case based discussions and clinical procedure observations. This assessment also includes 360 degree feedback from patients and colleagues.

Local HEE I&R lead/office:“We would like to remind you of the following process once an applicant has passed their assessments but prior to starting on a GP placement. It is important for Local Office teams to do a final eligibility check to ensure:
1) GMC registration is in place (and check for any conditions)
2) GMC licence to practise is in place
3) GMC GP register entry is in place
4) Right to work status is verified
5) Appropriate indemnity is in place
6) MPL with conditions is in place (Cheshire & Mersey)”

 I&R Scheme placement Advice to doctors

I&R scheme Advice to educational supervisors

I&R e-Learning for health & mandatory modules guidance

I&R End of placement report form - full (3-6months placement)

I&R short end of placement Report, for accelerated scheme (for Band 5 MCQ outcomes and Portfolio Route only maximum 1 month placement)

IR Supervisor Training Model Agreement

Transfer guidance

Medical indemnity insurance

You will need appropriate medical indemnity for both your application to the Medical Performers List (MPL) and to work while on the I&R scheme. The indemnity does not need to be activated and paid for until the start of the placement but NHS England will need written proof before you start a placement in general practice. Regional teams or your dedicated account manager can advise about what cover and payment is needed.


Would you like to add the MRCGP to your existing qualifications.  You can start the work while on the I&R scheme or even afterwards ?

You can apply to the RCGP to take membership by the assessment  of performance (MAP) route.  The RCGP is able to offer you support through local Facilities and has a dedicated office to help

Website www.rcgp.org.uk/map 

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