I&R (Eng) - Mandatory E-learning modules

Mandatory e-Learning

There are three mandatory modules on the e-Learning for Health (e-LfH) website that need to be completed for entry to either the Medical Performers List (MPL) or satisfactory completion of the I&R scheme.

Registration on the e-LfH website requires:

  • An NHS England email address (this is not usually issued until the clinical placement is confirmed and inclusion to the MPL has been confirmed by NHS England regional team)
  • Existing candidates can email iandr@hee.nhs.uk to request access
  • Register through the GPNRO (this is done at the closing registration date to the MCQ)


Access to the e-LfH website will be valid for 12 months.

Guidance for accessing the mandatory e-learning modules is available in this handbook.

During the I&R placement applicants are required to complete the following three mandatory modules:

  • Induction for international and returning GPs
  • Safeguarding children level 3 (if not already completed)
  • Safeguarding for adults
  • GMC, these pages are not mandatory but are essential reading and help for doctors coming to the UK

Additional modules are available including:

  • Induction for international doctors
  • e-Learning for GP (a programme covering the RCGP curriculum. Each module is made up of reflective and interactive sessions to support preparation for appraisal and revalidation)
  • Information governance
  • NICE guidance
  • Safe prescribing (for foundation doctors) Click here
  • Shared decision making
  • Supporting self-care
  • Sexual and reproductive healthcare

You may find doing some of the other modules will be very helpful  We have highlighted the ones we think are really useful (Blue) and others that are also helpful (red) and the rest are on topics you might find of interest (black)  - other modules