Targeted GP Training (TGPT)

Targeted GP Training (TGPT)

The ‘Targeted GP Training' scheme is designed for GP trainees who passed their Workplace-Based Assessment and, one of the two required exams - either the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) or Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) but left training without passing the second exam, to re-enter GP training.

How to apply

Advert published: 15 July 2020
Applications open: 10:00 BST, 28 July 2020
Applications close: 16:00 BST, 13 August 2020
Applicants should submit their applications via Oriel.


About the scheme

Participants will be on the scheme for 18 months whole time equivalent, with a further 6 months available under exceptional circumstances. The Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK (Gold Guide, 8th Ed.) rules will be followed, with a number of exceptions. FAQs can be found on HEE's website.

Eligibility criteria and guidance

The eligibility criteria for entry into the scheme is detailed in the Targeted GP Training person specification. Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Have held a GP National Training Number (NTN)
  • Left GP training between August 2010 and January 2018
  • Have taken both, but passed only one of either the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) or Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA)
  • Have satisfactory Workplace-Based Assessments (WPBA)
  • Have taken but not passed the other exam of the two
  • Have current General Medical Council (GMC) registration with a licence to practise
  • Been in medical practice in the NHS in the last two years.

GP programmes in all regions in England and Scotland will open for applications and recruitment and selection process for entry to Targeted GP Training scheme will follow the same process as for entry to GP ST1.

Recruitment timeline

Recruitment into the Targeted GP Training scheme will be open for all specialty application rounds for entry into training from February 2019 to August 2021. This means applications will be open from July 2018 until February 2021.

Details of specific dates for each round can be found on the Recruitment page.

Where can I find out further information?